20 reasons to get a garden room

In recent years garden rooms have made a huge impact in the accommodation market and Modular Sips, based in Blackburn is always delighted to create their handcrafted rooms for so many different uses.

Garden rooms are specially designed to make the best out of the space they have. However, they are more than just a relaxation space or garden office. To showcase the many uses for garden rooms, Modular Sips have collated their top twenty reasons why a garden room is the must-have for your home or business…..


  1. Garden office

Why have an office where you simply stare at a wall, when you can have an idyllic office at home or for your business that is a dedicated working area to help you get into the right frame of mind. Just imagine the view! A garden room is perfect for this. Create your own quiet environment so you can think clearly and feel all snug!


  1. Writer’s nook


All good words come from somewhere, and where better than from your own garden room masquerading as a writing nook, maybe with an old typewriter, or a notepad or pen. Whether you write at a desk, or on the cosy pull-down wall bed, the next great British novel can start with your garden room experience.


  1. Hygge


The Danish use the word ‘hygge’ – this is the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness. Bring them on over to your garden room. Play some games, get cosy, and appreciate each other’s company. Eat well, live well, that’s what this is all about.


  1. Back to nature


If you’re one for bird spotting, or simply appreciating all that Mother Nature has gifted us, then your garden room is the place to sit and watch the wonder of the great outdoors. We recommend doing this whilst having a very British brew.


  1. Mindful space

This is about disconnecting to reconnect with yourself or each other. Your  garden room can be a place of relaxation. Think candles, mood music, or just the sound of nature outside. Being mindful is one of life’s key ways to bring about wellbeing in your life. If you need somewhere to simply find yourself again, a hut in the countryside is perfect to practice Yoga or Reiki since you will not be disturbed and can then enjoy the still outdoors.


  1. Eat al fresco


Nothing says ‘outdoor living’ more than eating outdoors, especially if you’re cooking outdoors too, where you can consider getting culinary on a wood fired oven. Wood fired cooking is just better. By far, it was the first fuel used to cook with and a wood fire gives great flavours. It is carbon neutral too. Greener, cleaner, and tastier all round!


  1. Legacy


Garden rooms are very much part of English history, and Modular Sips have been inspired by the traditional garden room of yesteryear to create the ultimate dream rooms for the English garden. Built to last for generations to come, they provide a perfect legacy for family members. After all, the English garden is a place that people feel is an extension of their home and garden room are the ultimate celebration of a quintessentially English style to share down the family line.


  1. Artists’ den


Much like the writers’ nook, artists can use a garden room in order to create the perfect atmosphere to work in. Garden rooms can have beautiful windows creating natural light, meaning that you are able to see many views which may end up on your canvas. It also means you can keep all of your tools, brushes, canvases in one place too. Perfect.


  1. Party


Who doesn’t like a party?! This is a classy party, though, in your garden room – with fridge, stove, fire pit, moonlight (not provided), and an intimate area for a chilled out dinner party or outdoor barbeque, whatever the weather. And you might not get a complaint from the neighbours if your location is right! We look forward to our invite….


  1. Spare room / guest accommodation


Your guests won’t feel out in the cold if you pop them in your garden room, because the hut is that little bit of exclusive luxury that is there to be enjoyed and shared. The huts come with their own bathroom, so there is no need for guests to be trudging back into the house for their ablutions. This is the perfect escape and private guest bedroom.


  1. Glamping retreat


Garden rooms are probably most well-known for being a great place to enjoy the countryside, but they also allow you to enjoy the luxurious things. Glamping is camping, but with style, meaning that you don’t have to worry about conserving your battery life on your phone, because electricity is perfectly acceptable. Within a hut, you would have all the essentials you would normally expect from your usual hotel and more, as some even include stoves to cook on.


Glamping in a fully fitted Turnkey garden room from Modular Sips, allows you to create a luxurious experience.


  1. Booklovers’ library


Whatever size room you buy, a garden room can work amazingly well as a library for those who love to read. There’s plenty of room not only to store your books, but also to relax on a sofa or laying in bed whilst reading them – and you won’t be subjected to late return fees. Drift away into a good book today.


  1. Beauty salon


Using a garden room for a beauty salon is a bang on trend for the ultimate manicure and pedicure. Not only will it be easier to have more of a one-to-one relationship with your customer, but it gives you plenty of room to store all of your supplies. Set it up as a vintage style salon or bring it up to a modern style, the choice is yours. No matter whether you offer manicures or facials, your garden room can be perfect as a beauty salon.


  1. Photographer’s hideout


If you need a base to upload your photos, or need more places to take photos from a room can give you the space to not only have photography as a hobby but also as a business. Especially good as a wildlife hide, you can situate your room in the perfect place for those hard to shoot wildlife shots. Badgers beware!


  1. Wedding delights


If your big day is ahead of you, having a garden room to get ready in is a delightful way to get ready with a touch of luxury. You might want it as a place for the bride to relax before, for the groom to chill out, or for the bridesmaids to gather. The room is an idyllic backdrop for the wedding photographs, or use it as a photobooth for some fun shots with guests. Or, if you’re after some real alone time, why not use the room as honeymoon stop-over for the wedding night…..


  1. Wine tasting room


Have you ever dreamed of having your own room for your collection of vintage and classic wines? Well, pull up a stool, and let’s get some cheese because they’re nothing more special than a flight of wine from around the world in the classic space of your garden room. Wine always tastes so much better when you don’t have to drive anywhere….!


  1. Kid’s playroom


We all love our kids, but do we always love their toys and their noise? Think of how much fun they can have out there, playing safely and making as much mess as they please. And with amazing storage solutions, all that can be tidied away in the click of a finger. Who needs Mary Poppins, hey?!


  1. Shooting lodge


Green wellies and Barbour at the ready, one’s garden room is the place to mark out as the convenient, peaceful place to rest in-between shoots. The perfect country lodge, a garden room can make a day’s shooting even merrier. Ruddy cheeks, post-shoot gin and tonic in hand, and feet up with the log burner on? Job done.


  1. Charity Base


Do you run a charity or maybe offer fundraising events and need a place to call your own as a charity base? Then look no further. A garden room would be an excellent alternative to an office and also welcoming for guests to come and visit you too!


  1. Self Build – Build Your Own


Garden rooms do not have to cost a fortune. Modular Sips offers huts to suit any pocket including a very handy self build option where you can build your own hut! Everything you need is provided and the team are always on hand over email or by telephone for extra support if needed.

Create your own space….

You might have your own unique idea for using your garden room. Whatever you choose your room to be, you know it will be full of character and unique to you. Find out more about Modular Sip’s garden rooms.


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