Gardening Scotland to feature prison inmate show garden

state-garden-show-331827_800Prisoners from Glenochil prison and Cornton Vale Prison have joined forces to design and create a show garden that will be on display at Gardening Scotland from 3rd to 5th June.

The ‘Within these walls – a journey inside‘ show garden will take “visitors on a journey through the life of a prisoner – from the initial dark and lonely darks to the brighter moments of creating new friendships and embarking on new endeavours” – according to a press statement from the Scottish Prison Service.

In addition to the Scottish Prison Service show garden there will be seven other show gardens each measuring 10mx10m. They will all be available to view by the 35,000 visitors at the Gardening Scotland event.

Scotland’s Rural Colleges (SRUC) students will also feature a show garden entitled ‘Hive Jive’ which will pay homage to bumblebees,┬áraising awareness of the importance of the creature in our world, as well as showing how a bee’s lifecycle works and how visitors can help bees thrive.

A show garden titled ‘Breaking the wall’ from MacMillan Cancer Support will show what difficulties are faced when dealing with cancer, and how barriers can be broken in cancer care to ensure patients are cared for effectively.

Martin Dare, Gardening Scotland’s show organiser said: “Every year there is huge excitement and anticipation around Gardening Scotland’s show gardens. As well as showcasing some of the finest floral delights that Scotland has to offer, each of the gardens tell their own story and offers a creative outlet for visitors and exhibitors to cherish and enjoy.

“We’re very excited about the range of show gardens at this year’s event, and we’re confident that they will help visitors to create their own outdoor spaces to enjoy at home.”

Visitors to Gardening Scotland and the general public can vote for the best show gardens at the event through the 2016 ‘I Dig It’ Award.

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