6 quick ways to get your garden ready for spring

It’s officially spring so if you’ve not spruced your garden up yet, here are a few quick ways you can do it without going to much effort.

  1. Tidy it up

First and foremost, you need to give your garden a really good tidy. That means raking up the leftover autumn leaves, throwing away any fallen branches left by the windy weather and laying fresh soil down. You now have a blank canvas to work with.

  1. Give it a mow

Dust off the lawnmower that’s been lying dormant since December, and give your lawn a good trim. It’s the first thing the eye is drawn to, so it needs to look its best. It doesn’t matter how much you tidy up the rest of your garden; fail to cut your lawn and all of your other efforts will be in vain.

  1. Trim shrubs and hedges

It’s no surprise that after such a wet winter, your shrubs and hedges have overgrown and begun merging into one. Restore some order (and shape) with your hedge trimmers.

  1. Plant some new flowers

Your garden’s probably looking a bit dull and lifeless after the battering it received from the wind, rain and snow earlier this year. Remedy that by planting a few brightly coloured pansies and busy lizzies in your flowerbeds; they’ll give your garden that much-needed lift.

  1. Invest in seating

What’s the point of doing your garden up and not having anywhere to sit and admire it once you’re done? Add a bench to a quiet corner in your garden and you instantly have a cosy reading nook, while a table and chairs would be great for family barbecues come summer.

  1. Get a wheelie bin store

No one wants the sight of ugly bins ruining their gorgeous garden, so put them away in a timber wheelie bin store. You’ll never have to look at them again (at least until bin day!).

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