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Garden Rooms

This is the category where we talk about garden rooms. Garden Rooms are attached to your house/building or are free standing that can be used as an office, storage area or social area.

In this category we will display links to relevant Garden Rooms sites. We will also post about our experiences with Garden Rooms.


20 reasons to get a garden room

In recent years garden rooms have made a huge impact in the accommodation market and Modular Sips, based in Blackburn is always delighted to create their handcrafted rooms for so many different uses. Garden...

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Garden Rooms

A garden room is such a versatile building which can be used for a varied range of uses. Over the years we have written about all styles of garden rooms from garden offices through to...

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Garden Rooms

Making the most out of your garden is usually associated with spending time gardening and creating a patio area to relax on… however sometimes you can make the most out of the garden by...