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Dealing with a leaky roof

Living in the north west of England we are used to wet weather, and this month has been a particular soggy start to the year. Rain is usually when a leaky roof makes its...


Which plants should I be potting

We know that many of our readers are probably quite seasoned gardners but it doesn’t hurt to go back to the basics sometimes and talk about the best pots to plant and when. We...


Leeds Castle plan Ethereal garden

Leeds Castle in Kent is a major tourism destination that is home to a maze, grotto, golf course and even a museum of dog collars! The Grade I listed property also boasts some of the...


Annedd Gardens, Welcome To Our Site

Gardening tips, tricks and advice Annedd (Welsh): 1. Dwelling 2. House 3. Home At Annedd Gardens we understand that the garden is just an extension of the home. We want to help others realise...