Dealing with a leaky roof

Living in the north west of England we are used to wet weather, and this month has been a particular soggy start to the year. Rain is usually when a leaky roof makes its presence known, and then it is too late for preventative measures. There is only time to minimise the potential damage until a professional roofer arrives. So what can you do while you’re waiting?

Minimise interior damage

Water will always find the easiest route down, which means it will form a pool until the ceiling gives way and the water pours out, or it finds another outlet, usually a lighting fixture or vent. After a while, and with a particularly bad downpour, the water will find several escape routes, meaning it can look like you have more than one leak. To stop multiple leaks from occurring, find the lowest point where the water is collecting, place a bucket beneath, and create a drain hole in your ceiling so the water can come through without spreading.

Locate the leak

In the rain it is dangerous to go up on the roof, so the safest bet is to stay inside and check the interior of the roof. You will have to go up into the attic and check where the water is coming in. If there are boards stopping you from looking at the roof you may have to remove these to find the leak. If you find the leak easily enough you can consider collecting the water in a bucket or similar container, or repairing it immediately.

Temporary Repair

You can use a tarp, roofing cement or tape to put a temporary fix on the leak. You can purchase specialist roofing cement or tape at any DIY shop, and can be applied from the inside. If you are confident, comfortable and competent with climbing onto the roof (perhaps not in the middle of the storm!) you can erect a tarp over the leak to prevent water ingress.

All this will help prevent further damage to your home until the roofing professional arrives. We would always advise that whoever you contact to come and fix your roof is a reputable, local firm like Total Roofing Solutions. They cover all aspects of roofing repair in Preston.


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