Garden kitchens

steak-353108_800When we talk about garden kitchens they are very different to the garden rooms we spoke about in our previous post. These are outdoor kitchens, usually featuring an outdoor grill, work surfaces and patio seating area for people to congregate.

They are more common in America and European countries where they get warmer weather but there is nothing stopping you making the most of the sunny days we do get in the UK by installing one of your own! Garden kitchens can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish and some even have gazebo style roofs on them so that the fun can carry on even if the rain does come!

The simplest requirements for a garden kitchen are a grill and a small work surface. The grill is usually built into the ground, with brickwork as its support rather than a standalone bbq like what you can buy from every supermarket during the summer! The work surface is usually adjacent to the grill and will have enough space for a few burger buns to be laid out at least and underneath there may be a bit of storage space to store plates, grilling utensils and other items.

A fuller garden kitchen will contain a sink and a larger work surface so everything can be taken care of outside, without the need of traipsing back into the house for bits and piece or with dirty pots and plates. An even more elaborate outdoor kitchen would feature shelving and additional storage space and could even feature a small outdoor fridge for storing the food!

Your garden kitchen can be anything you want it to be, it can feature a gas powdered grill or a wood burning grill, a granite worktop or a wood worktop, a Belfast style ceramic sink or a stainless steel one. The most important thing for it, is to be perfect for you and your needs. It can feature a simple garden patio furniture set or a more elaborate garden living room set up complete with coffee table style table! There are quite honestly no rules for creating the right garden kitchen and you can really do what you please!

However, saying this there are some factors to take into account such as durability of the products you are using and this will matter more if you’re having an open garden kitchen than if you were having a covered one. The fact you have to think about is that these things will be staying outdoors all through they year and for many years hopefully. Wood can wear over the years and plastic discolours and is prone to burning around heat or staining if anything warm is placed upon it. Granite work tops and ceramic sinks will give you longevity but may cost you more initially so its worth thinking about how much use you will be getting out of the kitchen if you are aiming to go with these products.


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