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floral-decoration-896205_800Obviously you may be an experienced gardener with many years under your belt but we know, and a lot of other people know, that theres a currently a serious decline in the number of people within a certain age bracket carrying out simple gardening tasks.

We have read the stories this past week or so about the millennials and the lack of gardening being done by this generation and honestly think anything that can help should be shared as much as possible.

The Guardian had a handy guide to beginning your gardening career last week and we needed to share. The basic premise of this is that people shouldn’t be scared to make a start on their garden, and should start small and build their way up. The easiest place to start is a window box, or even just a few plant pots at the bottom of the garden. Create a task to just keep an eye on them once a week or fortnight and make sure they don’t need watering or weeding and you’ve already got the start of a garden. A window box with three herbs in is less likely to die than a whole garden and you will have the confidence next year to maybe try 5 herbs.


The article also reminded people to have patience with growing things. Its not easy to just decide to become a gardener overnight and you have to wait for results with gardening. Annual flowers will get faster results with less hassle and tomato seeds germinate easily so if you start with these you will get a quicker gratification and build your confidence up with gardening.

The idea that you can have a walk around your local area and see what has managed to grow in neighbours gardens is great, but we must advise that some of your neighbours may have been gardening for years so they might be better at planting at the right time, in the right settings etc. Don’t let the idea of lots of research put you off when you read the article because sometimes it just takes having a quick chat with a neighbour to find out what you need to know!

The biggest thing we do agree with in the article is that you shouldn’t let renting put you off when it comes to gardening. Anything you learn while you are renting will help you when it comes to sorting out your dream garden once you have bought a place of your own. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, with lawnmowers being a long term investment and almost all of the early stuff can be done in planters, meaning you can take them with you. Mowing the lawn will take two minutes every few weeks and can be very satisfying once its done, especailly if its a nice day and you can sit out in your freshly mowed lawn and have a refreshing, relaxing drink.


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