Hide away the grubby stuff

plant-garden-rubbishWhen we think about what we want our gardens to look like and exactly what we want to use them for its great because the opportunities are endless. However sometimes we forget about the practicalities of doing this.

These days every household in the country has recycling boxes and wheelie bins to help allocate rubbish and get it to the right place once its left our home. These boxes and bins need a home around our house and we don’t want them indoors. If youre lucky you will have a space allocated for them at the side of your home but for most people the space is in the back garden somewhere.

If your wheelie bin is in the back garden it probably hasnt even crossed your mind that it will be an eyesore when you finally get the garden of your dreams. The whole garden will be brand new and beautiful, then there will be an big ugly blue bin and boxes with bright yellow tops on them at the side of all the beauty! It will make you wonder why you bothered in the first place.

Thankfully there are solutions that you can incorporate when you design your garden and start doing the work involved. Things like wheelie bin storage systems have been around for many years but only recently have they become stylish pieces that don’t distract from the beatuy of your garden. A beautifully crafted wheelie bin store can really help tidy away the grubby bits of your garden, and even allows for the bins and boxes to be kept out of the way and unable to be accessed by anyone other than the keyholder – great if you have kids of grandkids that you want to keep out of the rubbish!

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