How to get away with a hot tub in England

4828084861_cf732db063_bWith the British weather surprising us all this past weekend its got us to thinking about extra nice, fancy things we can have in our garden and one of those things is a hot tub.

Hot tubs are one of those things that people absolutely love the idea of but are too scared to go ahead with because of the chopping and changing weather conditions of our wonderful country. This weekend would have been a fantastic weekend for a hot tub but with the weather changing dramatically in some places; it wouldn’t be good for one anymore!

Of course you can just install a hot tub with a decent cover and be done with the weeknights and weekends that the rain calls off your relaxing plans, but that probably eliminates about 70% of the year and you spend a lot of money for a hot tub, so you want to enjoy it much more than that!

The best solution, and to be quite honest the only solution we think, is to buy a hot tub and place it within a hot tub enclosure. Hot tub enclosures allow you to get away with relaxing in any weather, even snow if you wish! There are different types of enclosures, with some similar to gazebos like the one pictured. However the ones we’d recommend are the ones that are similar to summer houses, with actual walls and windows, because they will provide the most comfort.

You can still enjoy the outdoors with the doors open if you want to, but you can close them, or only open part of them to allow for air circulation easily too, allowing the heat to stay in the room! Also the enclosures can provide a nice area for you to get undressed/covered up after your soak, away from the cold outdoors! They are also great if you are a bit worried about the neighbours having a nosey as they provide a private environment for your hot tub, what more could you want?


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