How many garden wishlist items do you have?

plant-800-garden-wishlistA survey released this month has revealed the UK’s top items for gardens.

The gardening wishlist suggests that traditional garden features have fallen out of favour with homeowners and renters across the country, with manicured lawns and flower beds not coming close to ‘better’ features.

The survey was conducted by garden and conservatory furniture retailer Alfresia and indicates that the most valued features in a garden are now swimming pools, hot tubs and tennis courts. Some 74% of those questioned dreamed of owning a swimming pool, while 67% wanted a water feature of some kind.

The British weather has an impact on our wishlists it would seems with 24% of people wanting a summer house so they can lounge in the garden but be protected from what the weather has to offer them.  Decking and patio areas featured very highly with 63% of people wishing for them, with vegetable patches also high up the wishlist at 43% and a BBQ/outdoor cooking area coming in at 23%.

Leaning towards the more extravagant 53% of people wished for hot tubs, 9 % of people want a tennis court and 5% dreamed of a putting green of their own. 4% also wanted a topiary.

Choosing the design of a garden has become a little more extravagant too with 32% of people opting for an Oriental-inspired water garden, 21% a cottage garden, 16% a mediterranean terrace garden and just 12% going for a low-maintenance garden.

Craig Corbett, marketing manager at Alfresia, said: “The findings are interesting, and show that most of us aspire to have some element of water in our gardens, whether it’s in the form of a bubbling hot tub, or tranquil and calming water feature. It’s great to see the fun and quirky features the British public’s choose when collating their garden bucket lists.

“Dream landscapes don’t have to cost big money – improvements can be made on a conservative budget and scale. Beginning garden renovations with a single smaller size project, such as tidying existing patio areas, or planting some seasonal pots is recommended – sowing seeds and garden maintenance can be done in smaller manageable sessions.”

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