Which plants should I be potting

petunia-177388_800We know that many of our readers are probably quite seasoned gardners but it doesn’t hurt to go back to the basics sometimes and talk about the best pots to plant and when.

We are in spring, no matter what the weather wants us to believe (I mean, snow, at the end of April, really?!) and May is surely creeping up on us with this weekend being May Day bank holiday weekend, so we need to start thinking about our summer flowers.

Technically the threat of frost should have passed… but we’re not guaranteeing anything, so you should be able to plant the half-hardy annual flowers like petunias and dahlias raised from cuttings and tall growing herbaceous plants can be stalked. Start sowing biennials, canterbury bells and foxgloves if you want them to appear in the summer and start thinning the sowings of hardy annuals too.

Your lawn will now need mowing regularly and in different directions if you want it to grow nice and neatly. If the rain and snow does decide to move on we will also need to think about watering those dry areas, especially if they are newly turfed or sown.

The veggies that will do best this month are the once that you’ve been sowing for a little while now like peas, beans, carrots and lettuce but you should also look at planting Brussels sprouts now if you want them for the winter! You want to start thinking about planting out you greenhouse grown tomatoes, marrows and melons too.

It might be best to leave these flowers a little longer, but I wouldn’t wait too long. Maybe start your shopping list for the middle of May shopping trip and get thinking about potting these plants from there.


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